Saturday, December 20, 2008

That Long...???

Wow, I can't believe it's been a whole WEEK since I posted anything!! Time has really flown by... Last weekend's parties were great fun (particularly a rousing game of Fa-la-la Feud!). And Bo spent a couple of days at his doggy daycare so we could get some housecleaning done and set up our Christmas tree.

Yes, we got our tree! And it's a REAL one this year! We walked onto the tree lot, and Kat picked the first one she saw. I asked her if she was sure (she said absolutely), we checked to see if it was a healthy tree (it was) and had no holes in the branches (it didn't), and grabbed it right up! I'll share a few pictures next post.

We had pouring rain and freezing cold a few days this past week... nothing like the weather back east, but a definite change for us SoCal residents that's for sure! Kat had to walk the shelter dogs in the downpour (well, they gotta go to the bathroom even in the rain!), and I did some Christmas shopping while she was working. I do have to say, it was a really nice relief from the blistering heat that we'd had in the last few weeks. Now it's sunny and brisk. Nice December weather!

I am officially on vacation as of today! Woohoo!! We're taking Bo to the park and then coming back to make some more little gifts for the people in our Folk Song Circle 'cause we've got a music meetup tonight. We haven't been since June (wow, that's a LONG time) due to illness (mine) and we've missed it so much. Tomorrow, we head over to the pub (where Kat sings occasionally) for Family Night. Haven't been to that in a while either, due to my work schedule. It will be good to see our friends again!

Still working on Christmas cards. We had some photos all picked out, but then Ricky said he's coming down so we decided to include him in the most current shot (by the Christmas tree, of course). Which means our cards will not get sent out until just before New Year, but that's okay! Christmas season doesn't end until Epiphany (January 6th)... you know, the 12 days of Christmas... so we've got time. :)

Well, gotta head off now. I'll post some pictures of our latest projects either today or tomorrow. Have a great weekend!


Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

Happy vacation to you! I am mailing my cards today! YAY! Stayed up late last night to finish them! :)

Nancy said...

Happy Holidays, Pia!!

Jan said...

Happy holidays Pia! Enjoy your vacation!