Sunday, March 28, 2010


Well, he's done it!! My Ricky graduated from USMC boot camp on March 5, 2010. Woohoo!!! Or should I say, OOHRAH!!

Kat, my mom, and I went to celebrate this auspicious occasion and brought friends with us! We were soooooo proud of our new Marine!

Ricky graduated with a meritorious promotion to Private First Class (only 5 in his platoon of 60 can claim this distinction!), was one of about 15 in his company of roughly 300 to score a perfect 100% on his final practical exam, and was one of the top third in his company who earned the recognition of Expert Rifleman. Wow, we were bursting with pride in his accomplishments!

He is currently recuperating from stress fractures in both legs and one foot. He should be fine again in a couple of months, and then he gets to go to the School of Infantry for the next step in his training.

So that's the news of the month! Hoping to get some more crafty stuff up here soon. :)


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